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iTrace Pro 8iTrace Pro 8 is a set of professional tools designed to simplify the operation and analysis of serial / TCP / UDP / IP traffic.Traffic Capture tool allows you to capture traffic data in real time. Based on Wireshark, this tool provides an easy to use graphical interface for capturing and analyzing network traffic in both local and remote network environments. iTrace Pro 8 supports a few advanced capture modes: capture packets offloaded from the application layer to the packet sniffing tool, simultaneous capture of packets on several interfaces using sniffing and Windows Registry settings.Unique 'Event' workflow mode allows to create a special events file for easy analysis of captured traffic. The events file can be easily reused for any other capture session. In order to provide maximum flexibility, iTrace Pro 8 can be synchronized with the database of any JetBrains tool.Corresponding to Wireshark iTrace Pro 8 allows both reading and writing of data packets into a file. It provides support for reading and writing files into any RAW format - memory or physical devices. In addition, it allows you to save captured traffic for later on, and also for remote inspection via FTP or HTTP protocol.Finally iTrace Pro 8 supports the module for database of captured data. The module can be easily updated and synchronized with the JetBrains Database module.After capturing or editing the traffic, iTrace Pro 8 allows you to examine its content using its built-in 'Analysis' and 'Decode/Video' tools. A large set of visual and numerical statistics is provided as well as the possibility of displaying the captured data in a graphical format.iTrace Pro 8 provides support for the latest DDOS attacks and the ability to decode encrypted HTTP traffic to show its contents. It provides an extremely easy to use graphical interface to decode HTTP messages. Unlike many other HTTP decoder tools available on the market, the tool allows decrypting of both vulnerable and encrypted (i.e. HTTPS) traffic. Moreover, iTrace Pro 8 is one of the few tools available which supports reading of two-factor authentication tokens, i.e. two-factor authentication bypasses (2FABs).iTrace Pro 8 comes with a built-in graphical interface which allows you to view information about captured data. The interface has the following tabs: saved traffic, playback, analysis tools, decode & video tools and statistics.iTrace Pro 8i 08929e5ed8

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